Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wells Fargo, are you kidding me?!

Let's face it. Right now, we would all love for the economy to get back to normal. JUST normal. People are losing their jobs left and right. Businesses are going under. And yet, Wells Fargo decides it's ok to use taxpayer funds to take 1000 of their top employees (Read: Those who make millions of dollars a year) to a 12 day trip to Las Vegas. What is going on here! Are you kidding me??? How can any company justify this? We're talking a top hotel, money to gamble, to have fun when the masses are just trying to get by during this tough time. I cannot believe how bad these companies are getting. Why are we giving billions of dollars to these big corporations while we let little mom and pop shops go under? I hate this. I really do.

That being said, although I am against a socialist society, I believe that we should be able to dictate how they give out compensation. This is ridiculous. Now, had this been just limited to just Wells Fargo, I might not be so upset. But Citibank tried ordering corporate jets as well. When are we going to learn that we can't let these big corporations do as they please? They have an obligation to do the right thing, and we should have a say.

I think everyone should consider closing all ties with Wells Fargo. Let's hit them hard in the stomach. Show them that without us, they are NOTHING! Although we'll have to put our money elsewhere, it's a start until they realize they can't bully us around.

SCREW YOU WELLS FARGO! I sincerely hope that if you didn't learn your lesson from this, that you go out of business!

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