Monday, February 9, 2009

Debt - February 9th

I think I have a case of the Mundays!

New Debt:

Chase - $0!!! DONE! Only had to pay a 4.97 finance charge, but I paid it off this weekend.
Citibank - $12,875. No payment made. I've decided that since this is at 0%, for now, I'll make minimum payments, and make bulk payments from my savings. I might as well earn some interest while I'm doing this, right?
Discover Card - $400. I'm still looking to pay off this card by the end of the month. However, I have a feeling it will be done sometime in mid-March
Student Loan - $6,761.87 Starting next week, I'll be taking this out and reporting it every quarter since this is an amortized loan. It's a monthly payment of $97.62

Total Credit Card debt: $13,275.

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