Monday, December 15, 2008

New Years Resolution 2009 - Zero Debt

We are just 17 days away until the new year. This year has gone by so quickly! As I get older, the days seems to get faster.

So, in going over my new years resolution, I've decided on 2 things I want to concentrate on: 1. Lose 30 pounds 2. Pay off my debts.

1. It was years ago when I was wrestling at a weight of 160. Although that was a bit heavy (I am 5'7") I've always been a stocky guy. But now, at 210, I want to drop to at least 180. Hopefully, this year, i'll hit that goal.

2. Boy, where do I start? Let's just say I have lots of it, and I am determined to pay it off in a couple of years. The embarrassing part? I work in the financial world, I should know better. Trying to keep up with the Joneses, I got in some deep waters with debt. Now it's time to pay up and quickly. As such, I will keep anonymous :)

This is where you come in. Help me to stay on track! I will be posting on a weekly basis my progress. I hope, with motivation from everyone, I'll be able to do this.

I will be posting my debts soon for all to see my shame!


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